Thursday, 3 October 2013


Oh my! I had such a lovely time with the gorgeous Dr Rev Edwige just chatting and sharing. Now that the interview is over I am feeling rather tired though... so sleep for me. Good night all :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My day in preparation for BBS Radio

Oh what a day. I knew I needed to do a little work on my website this morning to create an Orb Gallery for the radio show tonight. Little did I know this would mean that I would have to re-populate the whole website - very long story! So out the window went my relaxing grounding time whilst I walk in the woods and (I know! I know! I turn to chocolate - my pretend substitute to grounding hmmmm. I know okay!). Will take a longer walk tomorrow to compensate. Anyway, I eventually get finished by tea time and I am very happy with it. Phew! So now for a lovely relaxing bath and a bit of me time before I spend some quiet time calling in the angels ready for the show at 1 am tonight. I know that many people are staying up late to thank you, crazy ones lol....Really appreciate it. Right I'm off for now. Thank you and lots of love Kathy

Friday, 19 July 2013


You can do it.......Make time today to celebrate who you are, what you have achieved and be grateful and thankful for everyone and everything you have..... times are changing and all that which does not serve you well will present to you the opportunity to let them go with love ‪#‎lovechange‬
Feels like I may just be getting a little better at social media.....see if I can keep it up :)

Friday, 3 May 2013

'Relaxation – a full body chill out experience'

Join Kathy online for this wonderful relaxing meditation. An hour of 'me' time........

Before booking an online meditation there are a few things you need to consider.
You must have a computer/laptop with a webcam, which allows video and also audio.
• You will need to be able to sit down comfortably and relax, so make sure you can see and hear easily.
• Once booked you will be sent login instructions, which you may wish to access about half an hour before, just to make sure all goes smoothly.

Meditations are one of the most soul cleansing, liberating and expanding experiences we can give to ourselves. They provide dedicated ‘me’ time. With, time to let go of all the tension, stresses and those niggling questions that we hold within our bodies and thoughts at least for the duration of the meditation.

I know that many people are reluctant to try meditating as they think they can’t do it because they have too much going on in their mind. Well, there is really no pressure at all. My meditations are guided visualisations and will take you on a journey and if you drift off…I don’t mind

This meditation is approximately an hour long (which I know can sound a long time if you have never meditated before, or struggled in the past), but please don't be concerned about this as the time will just disappear as you start to let go of all your tension and indulge in your 'ME' time. It is fantastic to give this time just for you.

All you need to do is book your place, I'll send you a link to the meditation. Then follow the login instructions, make sure your volume is turned up, find a nice place to sit or lay down and wait. I will then guide you through this relaxing meditation. After the meditation, I would suggest you have a big glass of water and give you the time to come round.

I run the same meditation twice in the day to allow all parts of the world to join in if they wish to. So make sure you click on the button relevant to your time zone.

Meditation 17:00pm - 18:00pm UK time, times compatible with Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Parts of Asia and the Pacific.

Meditation 9.00am - 10.00am UK time, times compatible with Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe

Meditations £5



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Love and Gratitude
Firstly, thank you to everyone who has looked at my website and connected with me; directly or indirectly and have taken away some light to share with others. This means a lot to me as my passion, my light, is to help people to connect to their true essence so they can flourish and connect with the cosmic heart to share love, hope, joy, peace and tranquillity throughout the world and the universe. So when people join me through 1:1 sessions, my workshops, joint meditations and the like and then do their own ‘thing’, my heart sings with joy. I am very grateful for these opportunities.

New Look Website
You might have seen that I have a new look website and a new ‘name. I hope you like it. It took me quite a long time to accept ‘The Angelic Whisperer’ as it seems so pretentious, but the Angelic ones were quite persistent; even getting my friends to say it too, until I accepted. Resistance hmmmm (I’ll come to that in a bit).
Facebook:kathycrosswell and kathycrosswell page
The angels keep bringing this word to the fore at the moment. So let’s consider it and what it means for us.
Reflection is the change in direction of energy between two different things so that the energy can return to where it first came from. This is very clear when we look in a mirror. So let’s take this a stage further and look at how energy attraction is a reflection of what we are manifesting.
An example is that electricity (a very powerful energy) will just flows. When we build a circuit to ‘manage’ the electricity we often put a resistor in place and limit its potential. This is what most people have become very good at doing. You see our subconscious mind just flows, but our conscious thoughts can create resistance or can encourage the natural flow. So to allow our higher self to guide us, we need to feel and go with the flow and reflect often.
So Let's Reflect
Last year, the Angels were getting really excited about the Cosmic Moment. They gave an analogy that we and our planet were going through a re-birth. They started to make us sit up and take notice on the 6th October when they encouraged us to look carefully at our 3D behaviours and gave us guidance to change these into 5D behaviours. This then marked the breaking of the waters and started the purification process for us. It was a time to focus on grounding, protection and connecting to our 12 chakras.
A month later on 11/11 the Angels asked us to be calm and breathe the energy from Source into us and to our planet, and to connect our rhythm to the heartbeat of Lady Gaia. They brought us extra help as Mother Mary came close to bring us Divine feminine energy and the Masters of the White Brotherhood touched us with their purity and ascension light.
Then we entered the birthing process in December, 12/12 to be precise. This was when the excitement started to build and the Angels came in extra numbers to hold the energy of the planet in the correct vibration to receive the Cosmic Moment energies. At this time the unicorns came close to touch the hearts of all, bringing an overwhelming sense of joy and pure love which manifested in excitement and hope for the future.
The next significant time was the Cosmic Moment, 21/12/12, when metaphorically the first real contraction took place. This moment was 260,000 years in preparation and the Angels wanted it to be a very memorable day and it was with beautiful sunshine, falling between days and days of torrential rain. We were all blessed that day. 31% of the people on Earth felt the energy strongly this day and as a result ascended into the 5Dimensional light. This is fantastic and means that the New Golden Era is in our grasps. This is a very short time, just 20 years away.
The impact of the Cosmic Moment energy has been huge. I have received many messages from people who are finding that the ‘here and now’ to be very tricky. They are struggling to connect to that happy feeling and to understand why they are who they are. They feel totally disconnected and at a loss. This is the part of labour when you know there is no going back and you have no control over the outcome. It may all seem a little too daunting and scary but you have to totally surrender and go with the flow.
So I want to take you back to the moment Diana Cooper and I sat down to write ‘The Keys to the Universe’. Source came to me and gave me a drop of water and told me to look after this, as this was the pure essence of life. I was asked to bring this to everyone through the book. Again, the message of water was reiterated during the Cosmic Moment day as we were reminded that water carries divine love and the wisdom of the Universe. It permeates every cell. The Atlaneans knew it was the essence of life and how to work with the infused qualities bringing more clearly the Christ Light, wisdom, and relaxation, clear connection to your higher dreams, to flow with the cosmic light, intuition, psychic connection, ascension qualities, healing, and ability to be peaceful and stellar connections.
As we begin our baby steps through the transition phase and our personal energy changes, more things become clear one moment and then completely foggy the next. Oh boy! Is this frustrating, challenging and disempowering if we let it overwhelm us. I have received messages and calls from so many people who are considering giving up their spiritual paths to just go back to full time work as they are finding this all too difficult.
So What Can We Do?
As humans we all have choice; we may not think we do sometimes, but we do, and with choice comes the need to make wise decisions. We have all grown up one way or another influenced by parents, friends, family, society, TV and many other factors. Whether this influence has been told to you and reinforced through behaviour or observation. The way you behave when you have to make a choice has grown throughout your lifetime and often lifetimes before.
The first thing to recognise is that you are the person who is driving your destiny; only you. You might not see this now, or believe this to be true as many outside influences could be pulling you in a millions different directions and putting obstacles in your way. But you ARE driving your destiny.
The second thing is to say you and only you can put resistance in your way. You can choose to moan about things; you can choose to avoid; you can choose to look for answers from others; you can choose to make excuses and to blame others and you can chose to do everything and anything that prevents you from looking within you. Or you can flow. I’ve been very good at this one …hmmmmmm.
The third thing is to take ownership of your thoughts and your behaviours. We know don’t we, that our thoughts are fantastically powerful. Remember the old adage ‘Be careful what we think of, you might just get it!’ So think of the positives and visualise exactly what you desire and know you can manifest this.
So, today is the first day of the rest of our lives so let’s work together and support each other as we walk along our divinely given pathways, sharing our knowledge and experiences. And above all love unconditionally.
The message to move forward easily through the transition era is to be as water would be. Flow easily, if you come up against a blockage, move around it rather than stagnate, use sunlight to purify yourself, move with the currents of the moon, cleanse at every opportunity, use your strength when you need to then return to a calm, peaceful energy. So, the more you fight the inevitable the more painful the labour (journey) will be.
I can now see why the angels asked Diana and me to produce The Keys to the Universe Cards as they can really help to make this a smooth and enlightening transition.
Take this card I pulled earlier to share through this newsletter. I asked for the Angels and those who love us to guide us wisely through this message and this is what I pulled for us.
The Angelic Kingdom
These glorious golden beings come from the heart of God. 144 Seraphim surround the Godhead, sounding OM to bring the thoughts of Source into creation.  Cherubim hold the energy of pure love for the universe. Powers are Lords of Karma as well as being angels of birth and death. Thrones, like Lady Gaia, ensoul the planets. Principalities supervise huge projects and are overseeing the end of old economic paradigm while facilitating golden businesses and communities. Archangels fulfil many tasks and direct angels. Guardian angels look after humans. Orbs are sixth dimensional light bodies of angels.
Guidance: Surround yourself with golden oval, listen to an orchestra of harps and open to a message from the angels.
Action: Ask the angels for the help you need and thank them when you receive it.
The Ask for the highest good.
So this card is reminding us that we are connected to the heart of everything and that we are surrounded by all the help we could ask for. We are guided to OM to help us connect to the thoughts that will guide us for our highest good. To accept pure unconditional love, to realise that we may have karma and that letting go of this will open us to see the new possibilities and beginnings presented to you. You may feel a need to connect to Lady Gaia to feel fully grounded during these changes into the new golden age and call on the archangels and angels as and when you need them; how wonderful to know your Guardian angel is by your side always.
How I propose to move forward with this new energy and work for the highest good. title
Enter yFor me this means having everything in balance. So my energy, my family, my work, my spiritual development and ‘me’ time has to be given equal weight. To date it feels like nothing has had its full share; so it is time to change.  I have to say this is fantastic to hear me acknowledge this and accept this as it has been so long coming…..yes resistance, I know.  As I ascend then I need to reflect and perhaps revise what I offer to you as the energy within me changes.
This morning I spent a wonderful hour meditating in the sun for guidance on what to share with you in this newsletter. I love the information above. It’s a lovely lesson for us don’t you think?
I was also reminded that I am here to use my gift of connection, the Angelic Whispers, to help people see their essence, their soul and to help them find, acknowledge and use their spiritual and psychic gifts and to find their way to flow with the cosmic currents. They smiled and called me a Spiritual Life Coach. Only time will tell if I live up to this.our description
1: 1 Sessions
I am so happy to support you as I can through 1:1 sessions. These sessions will be very organic and guided through the Angelic Whispers. I do this by tuning into your energy to see what I should share with you. This may take the form of past life knowledge; of a reading, perhaps a healing and without a doubt introducing you to spiritual skills and helping you to develop them. I will help you connect to your guide and offer on-going support as you build your relationship. This journey is yours, not mine so you have to make your own choices and own your actions and only accept what you feel resonates with you.
I am offering a mentoring service should anyone wish to take this up. This is a kind of….so what’s happening now quick connection session. Not in depth training or support. I will have to limit the number of people at any one time. 
Psychic Self Groups
These help you to build your psychic skills whilst working and connecting to others. They are a lot of fun and will cover many topics; some will be easy for you and others perhaps not for you; but you do get to experience them all.
The explorer group, is a way for those who work psychically to come together to support each other to unravel the new ways of connecting to the ancient skills. Those we have heard of…telepathy, levitation and the like. I am so looking forward to creating this group.
Orb Events
I get many emails and facebook messages from people who have taken photographs of Orbs and would like to know whether there is a message. As a result I asked for guidance as to what to do. I was shown that I could help many people if I organised some events. So the Orb events are for people who want to learn about Orbs, who want to find out about theirs and others photos, and to learn how to connect to the Archangel Orbs.
Beautiful Archangel Zadkiel Energy. Photo by Kim Moore-Howell
The Keys to the Universe Events
This event is about helping people connect to the Keys which relate to them right now and help them understand more about the Key or Keys. It will also help you understand how to work with the Key and the sonic.
I am passionate about bringing people together to help our lights get stronger and to shine across the world. I will be offering meditations to bring us together as a collective for a small fee to cover costs. These meditations are for the benefit of the greater good.
Introducing a page on my website - Lovely People
You will see that I am including people on my website who have helped me a great deal over the last few years and also some very recently.  Years which could have torn me to pieces and nearly did, yet with their on-going support and unconditional love I flourished and am stronger and more empowered than you can imagine.  There are other people too that have helped me so much and I thank them all from the depth of my soul. If they wish I may share their skills in the future, but I do not have permission as yet. This is a very small way I can give back to them the kindness they have given me.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Thank You.

I wish to briefly introduce them to you and I will tell you in my newsletters how their skills have helped me and ask them to tell you a little more about what they do.

Di Linden is a beautiful soul who offers her love and light through healing and this can be felt strongly even through distant Healing. She brings wonderful messages to you from the elementals and other angelic beings.

Donna Maxine is a gorgeous person who offers such in depth insights through the tarot of this life and others. Connecting to universal beings as she reads it is fascinating to watch her work.

Kim Moore-Howell has a very open heart and such love to share. She brings you healing through Crystal Sonics to rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Reena Kumarasingham is a gentle and beautiful soul and you can feel her love from so far away. She is fantastic at regression and Life between Life regressions.

Orion Antares connects to you through astrology and has a way about him which makes this very easy to understand.

Lorraine Radcliffe is a medium who connects to your loved ones bringing clear messages. She is straight to the point and a lovely genuine soul.

So to the person I am going to talk about this month.... 
Scott Grant.

Scott and I met a long time ago when he came to a circle at my home. He has such a lovely sense of humour and can’t help but show it. It is infectious. He is very genuine and when he says he is by your side, he is at any time of the day.  This I have valued so much over the last few years. He has showed kindness and his gentle loving heart has never let him down.
He really walks his talk to improve and strengthen his connection to the Universal ones, looking only to himself to change. Through this discipline he has developed strong healing skills and yesterday for example he came round and shared his healing energy with me. It was very powerful and just what I needed. Thank-you, Scott.

He also has a natural love and connection to music and has recently created with Angelic Guidance, some beautiful Crystal Singing Bowl CDs.  These are what he would like to talk about to you.
5th & 6th dimensional affirmation CD's
I am now creating wonderful 5th dimensional affirmation CDs.  I tune into your energy and channels affirmations specifically for you that bring you into the fifth & 6th dimension. These are a great spiritual tool to help to transform you and help with your ascension.  I use one of my CD's on me  and find that it helps to keep my energy fifth dimensional.

12 chakras crystal singing bowls CD-find out about these wonderful CDs
The past few months have been every exciting for me and my life has gone in a direction I would never have thought. It all started with a wonderful gift of a crystal singing bowl from Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell for my 40th birthday. From there I have travelled far and wide buying these magical bowls I was guided to buy. This journey has brought me to this point with a CD I am truly in awe of. This is because of the quality of sound and the wonderful frequencies captured in it. This CD works to bring into balance and harmony all of the 12 chakras. It does this by raising the frequency of the energy within the chakras.  Bringing to the surface what needs to be healed by the angels working with these bowls. The response I have had from the people who have purchased the CD has been amazing:

This is just one of many testimonials I have received, which may help you get a better understanding for yourself. Dear Scott, Little did I know what a treasure I held in my hands: A sonic shower to cleanse me and restore balance as I struggle between the past and my potential, together with the harmonic resonance which enables me to lift my vibrations to access my souls Blue Print.  Your CD is a vehicle which enables me to explore the myriad possibilities of my soul - a true gift!  Thank you. Dawn x
Scott’s contact details are:
Mobile: 07723313005
And lastly a message from Wywyvsil
For those of you who have not yet connected to Wywyvsil, he is a fantastic universal light that guides with such passion. He is oversees birth and death and your karma, so someone well worth connecting to. He does so much more, but perhaps you could connect to him to see for yourselves. I have shared a photo of and Orb of his energy for you to see.

His message is short and sweet. ‘As the darkness settles in one part of your world the light starts to shine in another. It is on-going and never stops. This you must recognise this in yourself as you grow and ascend you will feel as if your energy is old and heavy (as darkness can feel) and recognise that after a little time light will most definitely shine brightly again, often blinding you at first making you feel like you have to stand still as it is too scary to step forward into such a bright light. Once you have become accustomed to the light everything feels easy and beautiful. Many of you will be feeling just on the cusp of leaving the dark and stepping into the blinding light, or maybe you have just stepped into the light.  Be grateful, feel safe and accept that light is all around you. Very soon you will be able to see so clearly again. I am here to help you. Wywyvsil’
Photo of Wywyvsil and Archangel Raphael, by Diana Cooper
Time to go
Well, it is now way past my bedtime so I should take myself to bed, so I can give thanks before I fall asleep.

I wish you well on your journey this month and I hope you find the messages from the angelic ones inspiring and that you have enjoyed meeting some new people.

Thank you for your on-going support love and wishes. I wish you well and lots of love, light and angel blessings

Kathy Crosswell

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Good Evening,

As you know we are in a big transition phase as we align ourselves with the energy of the New Golden Age. Part of this process is to make sure that everything we do feels right for us and for the highest good. With this in mind, I have been asking for guidance from our wise ancestral universal beings and one of changes I am making is to refine and simplify my website. You may notice that I have taken down a few of the pages, including how to book my services. This is to make sure that everything works well and it is easy for you to use. It should only take a few days more before everything is up and running.

So thank you for your patience,

If you need me in the meantime please contact me via

Also, something very exciting........I was asked by my publisher Findhorn Press to be the 'Meet the Author' this month and the link to this article is no on my media page.

Lots of love and light