The Angelic Whisperer - Kathy Crosswell

 Kathy Crosswell -The Angel Whisperer, illuminates the way forward into the new Golden Age. Working with the mighty universal beings through their Orbs she helps to enlighten the way to ascension and to awaken latent psychic abilities within us. She also, shares the messages of her co-author Diana Cooper.


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The New Golden Age - what is this? It is quite simple - Oneness.

When we live harmlessly with each other, all other living things and nature and our thoughts and actions flow with the wonderful love and light of the cosmos then we are living in golden times. We radiate a light so brightly that our soul essence shines through and our connection to that strong powerful inner voice - your intuition is never in question.  
I thought I would share a message from Wywyvsil  as it is relevant to the New Golden Age - 5 March 2013. Wywyvsil is a very wise soul from the angelic realms who is helping us with the birthing of this new era.                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                  As I am sitting here, with the sun on my face it feels like spring has arrived. I can hear the songbirds in the bushes. It is a lovely day. I get that warm familiar feeling of Wywyvsil stepping into my energy and straight away I feel emotional. He takes my hands he places a drop of water in them; a very large drop and it shimmers in the sunlight. This is the second time I have been given a drop of water to hold, the first was a few years back. I am drawn to look at it, as if scrying, and immediately I can see people on Earth at this moment in time, but it is their emotions I see not them. I see energies of various different intensities many looking tired. Why are you showing me this? I ask, and this is what he said. 

'Although what you see is a true reflection it is not to be a worry. In fact it is wonderful! You see each of these energy lights are shining brightly, just at differing frequencies. You can see them all. We are very excited for you as you begin your transformation into the new golden way of living. You are all beginning this now. This is why you feel excited,  you want to make a difference, you are following your intuition, on occasions you feel tired, things are unclear, there are things that no longer feel right to you and why you want to make changes. There are some of you that are even resisting! Each of you resonates at a different frequency and the more connected you are to your rightful self the more you will be feeling 'out of sorts' at the moment. This is only momentarily as you re-align to the waves of light that are being sent your way. This transmutes that which no longer serves the Earth to make way for the light that you will all shine. To let this new way of being become a way of living please allow us to help you and do not be inactive .

                                                                                                                                                                                    I give you something to consider which may help makes this easier to understand ...Imagine you are driving a car which is packed full of all your current 'stuff' and you are on your own. The car gets a puncture and the spare is buried beneath all of this. You may feel overwhelmed at the thought of moving everything to reach the spare, you may wait for others to come and help you; you may ask for help, you may decide that with a little effort you can remove all that is in the way or you may not even worry and leave everything behind and find a new way of getting to your destination. Either way sitting and doing nothing is not an option; be active and create new life.

                                                                                                                                                                                    This phase between the old and new is a period of high activity, like moving house. Lots of letting go of old memories, lots of clearing out and deciding what you want to bring to your new other words big decisions and lots of action....this is what you feel now. To do this however, requires equal amounts of rest...time to be quiet, to replenish you body with sleep, water, nourishing food and exercise and to replenish your soul by meditating, being still and appreciating beauty and everything which brings you joy. It is all about balance!                                                                                                                                                                                                   We are here to guide you. so please meditate, listen and act and then support each other. We love you.'

So as you can see we are in a fantastic time on Earth as the planet sheds its old skin and grows its new. As with any new day, the light shines brightly from the darkness; new shoots start to show; sunlight warms the soul and new life begins. This means there are so many opportunities for personal growth to allow us to move with the cosmic flow of life.

This period of time suits Kathy perfectly as her passion and excitement for life shows through, especially when she is helping others to shine. The tools she brings to you through the Angelic Whispers can help in so many different ways and situations - her techniques and her style reaches everyone.



  1. Thank you Kathy it sure is happening for me right now, I feel more calmer happier and ballanced.

    love & light

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks for the work you do. I too am a healer and illuminate the way for others on their spiritual journey. I was listening to your meditation as I am hosting a spiritual group in my home tomorrow. I'm wondering bc I can't find it anywhere what Wywyvsil looks like? you mention to look at his picture, I would like to have that handy. I have also just ordered your book. I'm a big fan of Diana Cooper and bc of her I stumbled onto you. My email is doreen@motherof

    Thank you
    Peace, love & light